Golf Course


"I tried to create 18 good holes that worked well together. If you look at the par fours, the first hole is a simple hole, that's how I like to start out. The second is a strong par four. You need to make a decision on the tee and a decision on the second shot. Two good shots are needed for a birdie. On the fourth you need to decide how much to bite off the tee, the green has water so you need two good shots there too. The sixth has a great green. The second shot is difficult. Most of my holes fall in to that category, like seven. Not too difficult off the tee, but requires a good second shot. Ten is a nice hole, twelve is almost drivable, in fact it will be drivable under the right conditions. It's a neat short par four. Fifteen is a long par four. It will be a driver and a wedge or a three-wood and a wedge because it's all downhill. You've got to have the guts on the tee shot over the bunker, then the green is well protected. Seventeen is a strong tee shot and a very strong second shot. The green is partially blind but feeds to the back and right, so you can feed it in or carry it. Eighteen is a short par four with a demanding tee shot and a precise approach." - Jack Nicklaus

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1st Hole