Realtor Guidelines

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Hōkūli‘a - Realtor Guidelines

1)     Parties wishing to view property at Hōkūli‘a must obtain approval and provide notification prior to being allowed on property to view a listing, as follows:·      
For general inquiries (walk-ins), visits must be scheduled with the Hōkūli‘a Realty office (808) 238-5591 who will coordinate with the Hōkūli‘a security guard station at the front entrance and will meet visitors and accompany the inspection. All general inquiries are to be referred to the Hōkūli‘a Sales office. ·      

For scheduled visits with the Hōkūli‘a Sales office, coordination with the security guard station and any other lot or home owner is required. ·      

For other listing realtors: -       
Non-Club-Member Realtors must coordinate with the security guard station, accompany clients, and visit directly the lot or house listed. Broader visits with Club facilities and amenities, should be scheduled with Emily Harpster ((808) 324 4244) from the Club at Hōkūli‘a. Visits to lots or houses owned or listed by Hōkūli‘a Realty must be scheduled with Hōkūli‘a Realty. -    
Club-Member Realtors must coordinate with the security guard station, accompany clients to visit directly the lot or house listed and the Club amenities and facilities. Visits with lots or houses owned or listed by Hōkūli‘a Realty must be scheduled with Hōkūli‘a Realty. ·      For realtors and clients who wish to inspect lots or houses listed by realtors other than Hōkūli‘a   Realty, coordination with the listing realtor is required. 

2)     Contracts.   All contracts on Developer-owned lots or houses listed by Hōkūli‘a Realty are to be written exclusively by the Hōkūli‘a Realty sales team for review by other realtors and their clients. 

3)     Realtors and Clients must respect dress code guidelines prior to entering any Facilities of The Club at Hōkūli‘a.

4)     Please respect the private homes that are not listed for sale and stay off the property. This includes driveways, lanais & gardens, even if it appears that no one is home. 

5)     Property visits must be scheduled between the hours of 8 am & 5 pm – permission from the Hōkūli‘a Community Association is required for property visits after 5 pm.   

6)     Hōkūli‘a has many cultural and preservation sites throughout the property.   These include burial sites, lava tubes, habitation sites used by Hawaiians, rock walls and historic trails.  We ask that you respect all cultural sites and do not enter any of these protected areas. If you would like to visit the Shoreline Park, please return to the security guard station and obtain a parking pass. For information on the history of Hōkūli‘a, to arrange a cultural tour or a tour of the Shoreline Park please contact La Crivello, Hōkūli‘a Cultural Liaison, at (808) 386-0423.    

7)     Lot Marking:Signs showing the lot number is the only signage allowed.  The Lot Marker Pins are 42” Brown PVC Pipe with a yellow cap.  Limited supplies of Lot Marker Pins are available from Hōkūli‘a but placement is the lot owner’s responsibility.   

8)     For realtors and their clients, please do not bring dogs on the property.

9)     Open Houses to the general public are not allowed.  Private Open Houses are allowed with the following conditions:   
1.     A list of all attendees must be given to security: please include a start and end time for guest access.  
2.     A realtor must be present at the home at all times.
3.     If attendees are driving unaccompanied they must have directions to the designated property.
4.     Attendees may not tour the development; the pass is to the listed property only.
5.     The realtor is responsible for all individuals that attend the showing.